Nashville-"We Were Warriors"
Rev. James Lawson leads black college students on a campaign to desegregate the city's downtown business district.

India-Defying The Crown
Mohandas Gandhi's famous Salt March of 1930 - during which he inspires Indians to protest the British salt monopoly - is a turning point in the movement for Indian independence.

South Africa-"Freedom In Our Lifetime"
Young activist Mkhuseli Jack leads a consumer boycott campaign against apartheid in the black townships of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Denmark-Living With The Enemy
During five years of Nazi occupation, Danes' noncooperation undermines the Germans' attempt to exploit Denmark for food and war materiel, and rescues all but a few hundred of Denmark's seven thousand Jews from the Holocaust.

Poland-"We've Caught God By The Arm"
The 1980 Gdansk Shipyard strike wins Poles the right to have free trade unions, launches the Solidarity movement, and catapults him to national labor leader and eventually president of Poland.

Chile-Defeat Of A Dictator
Overcoming a decade of paralyzing fear, Chilean copper miners trigger a national day of protest of the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet, leading to years of nonviolent organizing and culminating in victory in a plebiscite to end his rule.